Shinjuku Live Freak June 2, 2012

Bijyomaru Sakagawa at Shinjuku Live Freak June 2, 2012

I have been really spoiled for three nights in a row now!!

Miyavi at Shibuya Quattro on Thursday, then Okahiro and DENIAL Friday night at Shibuya Star lounge and now Friday night Bijyomaru Sakagawa.

Three great guitarists in three nights…. Think I’m in paradise!!

I want to add though that, yes, there are less good guitarists and musicians here in Japan, as there are anywhere in the world. However, I have been very lucky and found some guitarist gems and well…
I just happened to hit a grand slam this week!

So yes it is a dark video, due to poor lighting, but if you watch it in full screen it is a tad better!

OK so now when you listened you want to know more….
Bijyomaru has a homepage here:

and you can buy his music here