grace period

I felt the urge to give you some good news after the not so good ones below….

A lot of interesting live gigs are coming up and from now on I will make sure to have permission before taking it for granted. After all I have followed grace period since the get go, and gone to every live while here in Japan….

Anyway let’s focus on the good news…. Coming up is a Halloween special with two of my favorite bands Vagu*Project and DAZZLE!

Also in November, now this coming week end, is my own birthday ha ha ha… I will celebrate it at Club Sensation with two bands – Slave Sisters and Blade. I have not yet heard them live, but spoken with some of the members and I am sure we will all have a great time on Saturday.

Other bands in november include Musica FamiliaTheTheKuro (A member of the Auto-Mod family), more DAZZLE!, an interview with a band member that I will tell you more about later,  VoRCHAOS, and more Vagu*Project (of course),  also an exciting new band right now in the process of formation with former HERMIT guitarist Keigo, [MU:} and I will attend Tokyo Dark Castle later in November…

Then there are tons of bands I’m chosing between to see in November so stay tuned!! m/