AWESOMENESS! > 美女丸さん and a guitar

美女丸BAND at 新宿 Live Freak 

June 2, 2012

I have looked forward to this 3 man Live (Turbine’s Drive, 美女丸BAND & Cyclone)   for quite a while!

Bijyomaru Sakagawa is one of my favorite guitarists here in Japan!

And here you are in for a treat... VK old school…. or maybe not even.. more like…
AWESOME JAPAN any time!!!

(Stage was very dark so image quality is accordingly! )

I will post some more and it will be even darker, since there is not always a white Kabuki face on stage… LOL
but the music speaks loud and clear and says:

This dear world is AWESOMENESS! > 美女丸さん and a guitar