Heaven’s Dust Percussion

AWESOME ROCK on Taiko and ‘regular drums’HeavensDust is just amazing and this drum solo is no Exception!! Ajo on Taiko and Okaji on Drums.
Last week in Tokyo was rather BUSY and not much time to blog, so now Im going back in time a little, to catch up. This video is from Black Hole on Feb 3 when I went with Phoe-Lo to see Grace Period.
HeavensDust is a must-listen-to!!!
Besides the Taiko drums, the band also include Daisuke Kaminaga on Shakuhachi; a traditional Japanese flute.
Quote from WIki:
“HeavensDust was formed by Shin in 2000 with the idea of taking the soul of Japanese traditional music and combining with a Western, modern sound. HeavensDust mixes traditional Japanese melody and rhythm with alternative metalnu-metal and rock.”
I will upload some more vids shortly..
Go and check them out!!

Two other bands came across as good that night. Brain Shake Vibration and HeavensDust. HeavensDust clearly being more experienced and well just plain AWESOME!! I will definitely try to see them again and want to have a lot of their music on my mu iGadgets.
Grace Period did a great gig and I must say Im impressed with the amount of improvement they have accomplished during the gigs I have seen. Not that they were bad from the beginning but their stage performance has really improved. They where more at it than ever before and it was a vivid and entertaining LIVE performance.