Reds☆ and PIEちゃん
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As you all could read in the previous post below
The Pink Spider Web went to
Yuya Uchida’s event
New Year World Rock Festival

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At the awesome New Year’s special AURA’s vocalist Reds☆ was MC-ing
It’s hard to even grasp what an amazing accomplishment this was since it was at the same day
as the funeral of a very close and dear friend of Reds☆; AURA’s founder PIEちゃん in Osaka.
imagine both the emotional and physical stress and then to be able to pull a full MC night afterwards….

To stand on stage the same evening, sharing, entertaining and cheering people on to donate money for a good cause,
is nothing short of professional and it was also amazingly well done.
Part of the beauty was that Reds☆ brought Big Bird (a favorite character of PIE’s)
with him on to stage and it created a feeling of bridging time and togetherness.

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Tomorrow January 5th AURA is on stage at Meguro Live Station
for the “AURA Festival 2014”
So I thought it would be a good idea to show you their last live gig at the same venue from December 17th, 2013
Please let me introduce AURA anno 2014
Reds☆, KoREDS★, Marble, Matsubara, Kenzo☆, SO+ and Show-nen
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Here is a taste of AURA LIVE at
on December 17, 2013

Please enjoy this legendary band and wish them the best for 2014

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For some related links (I especially recommend AURA’s blog if you can read Japanese!)
There is a lot of beautiful writing about the legend PIEちゃん left behind
and hopes for a NEW WORLD!
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AURA – you are amazing!

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