The line….The order…The audience

As ALWAYS in Japan the Photography and Video shooting
has to stop at the entrance. Totally not allowed.
I always thought it was so that the performers could be sure
that no on took a bad photo/video of them and circulated
or made money on it, or that they just wanted to make sure that
ALL rights went to the production companies… B
UT today I realized something…
What do people DO when they cannot take photos?
or rather what is that they DO NOT when they can?
duh it’s simple capitalism 101!!

We take photos and videos to commemorate, to have a souvenirs…
and if we can’t do that we definitely want to buy SOMETHING
from the EVENT to have as a memory aid, and show that we indeed
were there…
so I personally believe herein lies a BIG REAL reason
(but on the hidden agenda of course) to the no photography rule!

to be continued… Im working on the whole evaluation as well… LOL