The Glico Man in Osaka

The Glico Running Man
Th sign that has lasted here in Dotonbori for over 70 years!
The sign is 33 meters tall right next to the Ebusu-bashi bridge.
Maybe what you didn’t know is that the company behind the ad, Ezaki Glico, a
re a candy maker based in Osaka. Maybe best known for their caramel candy and Pocky sticks.
Also Glico was the original sponsor of the anime series Tetsujin 28,
a giant robot which is a landmark in Kōbe.
Dotonbori is the beating heart of Osaka’s nightlife and is filled with restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, arcades and theatres. The area used to be known as Osaka’s pleasure district as it contained numerous kabuki and bunraku theatres as well as a geisha district.