… And hello again Mercure hotel and Yokosuka!
It was already getting dark when I was back.
I think I forgot to mention that I actually fainted at the Miura Kaigan station.
I had still not eaten anything which probably was a precursor to more negative events to come later this same evening!
Really bad for me personally due to the not eating since yesterday!
Even though I had senses enough to stay hydrated.
Drank water all day!
I was dizzy from all the walking in the sunshine all day,
and being a little dizzy from being alone all day and thinking plenty
(actually also having some rather upsetting argumentation/fights over SMS/texts with the USA, which had made me think a lot of things over!
This argument story will need a separate blog entry in the future because it came to change my life – The sky called me!
End result – a LONG day, physically and mentally exhausted, NO food for 24 hours and pissed…
No wonder I fainted!
Lucky for me a kind Japanese man helped me and we started talking about hide and X Japan. I guess it was pretty easy to guess considering I was at the Miura kaigan station and I was wearing pink spider earrings.
They Japanese man asked me in English (after given me water to drink and helping me up) if I was in Miura to visit hide’s grave and if I liked X Japan.