Candy Cortex

And if ethnic FOOD is not enough then add

ethnic CANDY

ha ha ha

This must have something to do with some kind of physical,
or at least chemical, taste wiring, in a food cortex.
I’m sure of it!!
Other countries’ candy just doesn’t do it for me…
and I gave my Japanese friend a “Salt Sill” (Salt ‘Herring’)
– a candy piece of salty licorice,
and NO she did not like it!

Then again I wonder if this is really correct, because I LOVE MOCHI…. especially Sesame Mochi…
which is not part of the Scandinavian Candy range..
and furthermore, if it holds true for candy,
wouldn’t it then also hold truth for all foods and digested experiences?
In a way it does, for most people, food and taste is something we are socialized with as young.
But then there are always exceptions…
Because, for me personally,  I must say Japanese food is
a big winner over any other food in the world!