All this food and YET….

If you ever go to Japan as a JR Pass tourist and before leaving trying to decide what to pack….
Let me tell you, a pair of pants or several in a size, or two, too small when leaving is a good idea!
Healthy food in abundance, tons of walking when temple hopping and generally healthy life-style ( unless you switch out the temple hopping for sake bar hopping that is) does its trick!
Now today I’m off to take a ferry ride to Shodoshima over the day.
Weather is a little cloudier than yesterday and maybe I should have brought a jacket?
It seems like every time I do, it gets very hot later in the day and then I have to be like a steamed garment (Nara), and when I don’t bring a jacket then it’s actually rains, or is a little chilly (Kyoto first day).
Regardless I really don’t feel like carrying a jacket around IF it gets warmer and sunnier today, then I don’t want to be steamed either … So I have decided to take the chance. Rather a tad frozen for a change than carrying anything extra!