After staring at this white empty image, I bet you wonder where I’m heading with this. How does this connect with my situation today?
and what was that Project about?  What about the story?

Ok so the idea I got in my head, or rather the REALIZATION,
was that seeing the death straight on, in the image of a skull,
and the EMPTY wall (before I mounted the poster up on that wall),
I started to QUESTION…

What DO we fill our lives with? 

I had no answer, hence I started the QUEST to find out.
What do I fill my life with and WHY?
I mean real stuff, tangible objects, sticky stuff…

…and here is where Sartre comes in and his work with the novel “Nausea” ! You might not be familiar with his work, so let me tell you very briefly that one of Sartre’s key arguments in Nausea is the problem, and conflict, between

defining ONESELF including one’s ability to sense true FREEDOM on one hand,
and STUFF, material objects that counteract towards that definition and ability.

From wiki: “The novel concerns a dejected historian in a town similar to
Le Havre, who becomes convinced that inanimate objects and situations encroach on his ability to define himself, on his intellectual and spiritual freedom, evoking in the protagonist a sense of nausea.”
This work is also considered a foundation for Existentialism.

IF Sartre was correct in his analysis, then I must start with a big CLEANSE and a purge of ALL OBJECTS within my habitat!
At least if I wanted to be able to DEFINE myself and get a SENSE of freedom.

The image I have chosen above, the two characters, signify  impermanence –  wúcháng in Chinese  or mujō in Japanese
Coming and going and birth and death was the starting thought then,
and today I feel it’s all part of this IMPERMANENCE in Existence.

Anyway, back then when I was carrying the poster in to my apartment,
I decided to EMPTY Everything TANGIBLE out of my sight and that included Desk, wall decorations, curtains, papers, books and book shelves, bed and mattress, clothing… everything
YES I took OUT every single item, all the  STUFF,  from my room to create something as close to an EMPTY base as possible , free of “sticky stuff”!