About Us

The Pink Spider Web is named in honor after the Japanese guitarist “hide” 松本 秀人 / Hideto Matsumoto
and his song “Pink Spider”
The Pink Spider Web originally formed in Tokyo, Japan in order to spread the vast amount of music from Japan
to the world.
Many (outside of Japan) who wanted to know more about J-Pop, J-Rock and Visual Kei have greatly appreciated
the work we did, and still do, spreading the music globally.

hide – Pink Spider

Now The Pink Spider Web has grown to an international company with a focus on helping artists anywhere to reach their audience.
The Pink Spider Web is centered around the needs of an artist, a band or a DIY label.
We focus on consulting, guiding and helping you build international bridges from your music to your audience!
The music industry is changing fast!
We are here to guide you in the “know-how” and
we do everything that a musician needs in music business except the music part!
The music will always be yours!
The gigs, the rehearsals, the song writing, the lyrics, and the recordings is all yours!

The Elected Officials, USA

About Anna Cei
Anna Cei is originally from Sweden. With a background in graphic design, branding and later business consulting
she immediately identified needs amongst the Japanese artists and also the lack of information about
Japanese contemporary musicians in English. She started a blog during her travels in Japan in English,
primarily to aid English speakers find out more about their favorite Japanese artists (Visual Kei, J-Rock, J-Pop).
It then extended into helping Japanese bands create web- and social media content and reach their audiences abroad.
Foreign bands also needed help booking and touring in Japan.
The Pink Spider Web tied together the needs between the business, artists and their (international) audiences.

Anna is a fearless explorer and adventurer, much due to the constant battles with physical health.
She has survived cancer twice and constantly fights a slew of auto-immune disorders and cardiac problems.
She constantly wants to learn about the world and help people connect and build bridges with music as the vehicle.
To be happy and grateful to be alive, to have the passion and the drive to go on, is something she happily preaches
as well as sharing her mental tool box.
The music industry can be really tough! Drugs, relationships, mental health, stress, competition, finances,
there are so many things in life that can tear a band apart, or shatter an artist’s dreams.
Anna is there as a guiding light and helping anyone who struggles to remain focused, productive and creative.
This is why The Pink Spider Web was formed, the traditional record labels very often forget that behind every piece of music,
there is hard work, relationships, life struggles, and a context – a web of life!

Anna Cei

The Pink Spider Web helps you plan and strategize so you can focus on making those killer songs and concerts.
We don’t take a split , you own your music!
What we do is helping you:
– set up goals
– create a relevant, realistic and specific plan. Some plans are small like a record release or creating a logo,
others are big like a 5 year complete business plan to conquer the world.
– We look at your specific needs and customize our services to your needs and situation.
– All things Music Business… PR, Branding, Graphic design, fans, merchandise… during the process
we make sure you stay on track .
Whatever it is you need to level up and grow!
Always together with you, the artist!

Anna Cei and Derinjar, Osaka, Japan
  • A dream without a plan is just a dream!

Here are some examples of HOW we can help you:

  • Marketing and branding expertise
    Together with you we help developing or perfecting your brand. Branding is everything also for a successful musician. What makes you unique? What is your purpose? How do you communicate this to your fans?
  • Liaison – The spider in the web
    There needs to be a spider at the core. Someone who picks up on the reverberations in your net, someone who acts like a liaison between all the cogs in the machinery that a musician and a band need:
    PR, media, videographers, rehearsals, studios, social media, merchandise production, bookers, studios, graphic designers, printers, newspapers, venues, web site  (yeah the algorithms and SEO techniques point that way and there are reasons why… ) etc etc
  • Artists & Band finance management
    How much does it cost? Are you including your own time? Are you working with decent and real contracts?
    Budgeting and finance management is essential for any venture of any size.
  • Networking with music industry contacts all over the world Japan/USA/Europe/Australia
  • Tour manager
    A tour manager is much like a script supervisor in the film industry….make sure all moving parts moves towards a solid end result.
  • Events promotion/listings oversight
    Local, regional, national, international? No problem, got all levels covered with a huge network.
  • Merch: graphic design, production and printing
  • we can help you set up your online store for your merch. We can help with your marketing strategy and Social media strategy so you can sell more, and make more money so that you can focus on your music and what you love to do.
  • We can help you plan and organize video and photo shoots/interviews as a public relations agent
    We have experience dealing with media and press in several countries
  • Build campaigns, create newsletters, copy edit press releases
Eric – Sync Licensing & Music Coordination/Supervision
Anna – Cei CEO/ Founder
Åsa – Graphic Designer & NFTs
Amanda – Digital Media Director