7月11日 Part 2 – TSUKIYOI 月宵

It is time for

The Pink Spider Web Summer Party 

July 11 – 7月11日

This year we will hold a Live gig at MELODIA Tokyo
[Links will follow below]
We wanted to introduce the artists for you
The line up artists are from different genres but they share something…
– the idea that music goes beyond borders and is meant to be spread across the globe!
Share smiles  and enjoy music together!

The Japanese bands KASSTRICK BACTERIA and TSUKIYOI 月宵 have both been to
Japan Expo in Paris, France
and are both keen on reaching out from Japan with their music,
The third artist, MAYA, is from Sweden and has a desire to share a bit of Sweden, and the outside of Japan, with the Japanese audience.

They are all true bridge builders, hence
The Pink Spider Web and 一緒にTogether events
is very grateful for this particular line up.
They are from different genres, but this also gives the audience an opportunity to meet friends in music beyond people you you might not have met otherwise
Japanese and foreigners together,
different genres together
one goal….
to create friendship and build bridges with music
Let the Pink Spider spirit create a WEB of inspiration…. let’s spin it together and wrap the globe….

The details about the event:

Place: Music Bar MELODIA Tokyo, Nakano-Shinbashi
Date: July 11, 2015
Time:  Open 17:30 Start 18:00 
Ticket ¥2,500 (+drink)
Discounted tickets available ¥2,000 (+ drink) 
In order to get the discount you must reserve a min of 2 tickets
So bring a friend!!  Invite to some FUN!
Ticket reservations: 

Google map and info to MELODIA Tokyo at The Pink Spider Web
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So ….Let us introduce TSUKIYOI 月宵
(introduction of KASSTRICK BACTERIA is below and Maya will follow next in the feed)


Tsukiyoi stage


They write on their homepage:

400年前の箏曲「六段」をアンビエントにアレンジしたROKUDANがデビュー作。2012年よりkouのボーカルをフィーチャーした楽曲を続々発表。2013年発表の楽曲「赤く咲いて」は ”超ラディカルなポップソング” と評され英国Electronic Sound誌に取り上げられたほか『いろはうた』を題材に日本の美意識・宗教観を盛り込んだ楽曲「Transitory」は米MondoTunesレーベル主催Dubstep Contestで堂々二位受賞。2014年には、ジャパンカルチャーが集まる世界最大のコンベンション、フランス「Japan Expo 15h」に登場し現地にTSUKIYOIコールを起こした後、こちらもリアルな日本カルチャーを発信する、台湾「Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei」出演し好評を博す。そして今、世界に一台のElectric Kotoをフィーチャーして創り出す世界は、過去・現代さらに未来をイメージさせる正に ”月宵ワールド” である。
フルアルバム『Blue Moon』好評発売中。

Tsukiyoi is pioneering in the new genre of “Neo Mystic J-Rock,” which entwines Japanese traditional, spiritual, electronic music with rock. They approach their music as a ’distraction for creation,’ leading the evolutionary future of Japanese rock in 21st century. Their profound sound is enhanced by their vibrant stage show with Japanese traditional costumes and the world’s first electronic Asian Zither called the “Electric Koto’. The modern Japanese traditional aesthetic founder Tetsu Fujiki’s on keyboards, and Kou Kakinokihara’s on the electric koto, create a stunning stage show with a perfect combination of sound and style.
After debuting with their music “ROKUDAN”, a modern arrangement of the 400 year old “SO” music, the duo has released “YOUGAO”, a traditional Japanese music combined with Club Beat Rhythm. The duo has amazed fans around the world, and they continue to take on a global challenge with their combination of electric pop and Japanese traditional music.







Now let’s listen to them:
more about them from their Facebook below







On their Facebook page the write:

† We believe that music has a magical power to shorten the time it takes for us to learn from one other, to grow together, and to foster a genuine understanding amongst peoples and nations. What’s necessary is to first eliminate the invisible barriers between. Music can be a way to break these walls down.

† We would like to articulate and transmit our message and ideas to people throughout the world in order to form a strong connection with others.

† Through the richness of Japanese culture and history, we hope “Tsukiyoi” can be a catalyst for a better understanding amongst peoples.

Yes, this is our dream.

† Tsukiyoi is a duo that formed in 2011. Their music combines rock, electro-pop, tradition, and avant-garde. Kou actually plays the koto, and Tetsu creates various musical worlds. They debuted with “ROKUDAN”, an ambient arrangement of the 400 year-old koto song of the same name.

† The duo started featuring more songs with Kou’s vocals in 2012. 2013’s “AKAKU SAITE” was called a “very radical pop song” by England’s Electronic Sound magazine. “Transitory”, which is based on “IROHA UTA” (a traditional Japanese song structure) captures Japanese aesthetics and religion. It won second prize at Dubstep Contest, sponsored by an America record label. In July 2014, Tsukiyoi played at “Japan Expo 15” in France where the crowd chanted for TSUKIYOI. After winning the Live Generation X grand prize, the duo played “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei” in Taiwan in September 2014.

Their full album, “Blue Moon” is on sale now.


Nov.2014 Global Rockstar “National Winner”
Sep.2014 Global Rockstar “Artist of the Week”
July.2014 getstage LiveGenerationX “Grand Prix”
Mar.2014 MondoTunes Dubstep Contest “2nd Prize”
Sep.2013 SENNHEISER Presents getstage Music Award Vol.2 “7th Prize”

TSUKIYOI on Facebook:


 TSUKIYOI Official homepage
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